Why hair transplant in Turkey is a success : the example of Dr Levent Acar’s clinic.

With its many strengths, Turkey is now positioned as one of the main world players in the medical tourism sector, and particularly in the field of hair implants. Each year, hair transplant operations attract millions of people from all over the world. This growing success is reflected in particular by the development of therapeutic and scientific techniques, the benevolence and expertise of its doctors, but also by its very competitive prices. In the heart of the city of Istanbul, the Cosmedica clinic, specializing in hair transplants, offers revolutionary technologies, renowned for their high efficiency, and individual monitoring carried out by Dr. Levent Acar.

Hair transplant in Turkey, the secret to regaining natural hair

Often synonymous with complex, hair loss is a problem that affects men and women of all ages. With the progress of aesthetic medicine, it is quite possible to find a dense hair mass, even for people who experience significant degradation. Carried out in the clinic, the transplant is a miracle solution that offers the prospect of recovering natural hair in just a few months.

Thanks to techniques developed by doctors and scientists, and constantly improved by Turkish specialists, in particular price hair transplant Turkey has become less restrictive and more efficient.

Under local anesthesia, the medical team takes a number of grafts from the scalp, then replanted them in recipient areas, where there is no more hair. Supervised by a practitioner, the hair transplant operation follows a strict process and usually takes 6 to 9 hours. To see the first effects, the patient will have to wait between 6 to 12 months to regain hair density. Indeed, the transplanted hair will resume the same growth rate as an ungrafted hair.

FUT, DHI, and DHI Sapphire, FUE, which device to turn to ?

To fight against hair loss, clinics now offer patients various hair transplant procedures. Techniques called FUT, DHI or FUE which ensure hair regrowth through a process of reimplantation of grafts on the bald parts of the skull. The only difference between these processes is in the method of extraction and insertion.

Follicular unit transplantation, or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) involves implanting hair on bald areas of the scalp with a horizontal strip previously taken from the top of the patient’s neck. However, this process can create a scar on the back of the skull.

The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique is performed with an implantation stylet. Meticulously punctured, the grafts are distributed over the donor part, without incising the epidermis. Once extracted, a number of hair follicles are then distributed to the recipient areas using the hair injector. Very precise, it takes into account the orientation of the growth and the depth of the hair.

Halfway between the FUE method and the DHI, the DHI Sapphire is undoubtedly one of the grafting techniques which knows the most important evolution in the year 2021. The hair is first removed one by one on the donor area using a small incision made with a sapphire blade. Then, the follicles are implanted by a pen, as for the DHI, in order to carry out a work of great precision.

As mentioned above, FUE relies on a process of extracting hair follicles from where the hair is most resistant. Once punctured one by one, the grafts are incorporated into the donor parts of the scalp.

Turkey, number one in aesthetic practices

In recent years, Turkey has been welcoming millions of foreigners, who have come in particular to benefit from the countless advantages of medical tourism. Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, a hair transplant clinic in Turkey is a guarantee of quality: the country has some of the best in the world, and has even made it one of the main vectors of its economy.

Indeed, patients appreciate the know-how of its doctors, the reliability of advanced techniques and benefit from its preferential rates. In addition, most centers offer packages including accommodation, breakfast included, as well as many other privileged services.

The popularity of hair implants is growing dramatically. Developed in Turkey, this service consequently has doctors who are recognized worldwide and trained in the field of hair transplantation. Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, scientists and practitioners have also been able to contribute to the development of tools at the cutting edge of new technology which considerably facilitate interventions.

Formulas three times cheaper than in France

The practice of medical tourism in Turkey remains relatively very interesting financially, especially for Europeans. Indeed, for the equivalent of 5,000 grafts, it will cost more than 10,000 € in a French clinic. Here, the rate only covers the cost of the operation, as well as pre and postoperative appointments.

For the same procedure and the same number of grafts transplanted in Turkey, the price will be on average 3,790 €. In addition, the packages generally include additional services such as transport, accommodation, and the presence of a translator throughout the stay.

Cosmedica, the specialist in hair transplant in Istanbul

Considered one of the best clinics in Turkey, Cosmedica specialized in hair transplant in Istanbul receives thousands of patients every year from all over the world and especially from Europe. With its top-of-the-range services, its attentive team trained in the field of hair transplants, the use of modern means, but also thanks to its attractive prices, Cosmedica enjoys a reputation that lives up to its requirements.

For the well-being of its customers, the establishment also provides comfortable and spacious rooms, and offers access to privileged services to provide them with a unique experience.

A graduate in aesthetic medicine for several decades, Dr. Levent Acar, founder of the Cosmedica clinic, is committed to providing the best methods for hair implants, in particular through the use of cutting-edge technology. Altruistic and concerned about the satisfaction of his patients, this passionate practitioner guarantees complete follow-up throughout the stay, from on-site accommodation (meals and breakfast included) until the postoperative period. Attentive to the latest trends in hair transplantation, it offers innovative procedures such as DHI Sapphire, recognized for its many benefits, and makes Cosmedica an establishment renowned for its services and the quality of its services.



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