Umbrella Company Turkey 

Is it a good idea to invest in Ankara ?

Ankara, the political and administrative capital of Turkey, is also a popular destination for Umbrella Company Turkey.

It is the second largest city in Turkey after Istanbul. And it is in the top 3 of national exports and imports. Contributing strongly to the country’s GDP, Ankara also houses international companies such as French cement producer Vicat and MAN, a German heavy truck manufacturer.

Life in Ankara is cheaper than in Istanbul. This is the reason why many managers and employees prefer to live in Ankara. Thus, Umbrella Company Turkey method in Ankara remains a possible solution for international companies present in Turkey. Especially if they want to attract promising profiles who do not wish to live in Istanbul while enjoying the advantages offered by a big city.

There are several firms offering recruitment and portage services in Ankara, including our company. According to Oktay TAN Key Account Manager of the group;

“On several occasions during our recruitment missions, we sometimes met with Ankara-based profiles. For nothing in the world, these employees and executives wanted to leave the capital for Istanbul. And that for a lot of reasons like the setting and cost of living, the presence of their family, or their daily habits … There was thus a strong demand for this city. But then companies had to be persuaded to accept that some of their managers were working from home in Ankara. Which has not been easy either. Our company Gartner Inc has adapted to the situation by offering a porterage service in Ankara. Afterwards, it is up to companies to agree with their employees by finding an arrangement. ”


The Umbrella Company Turkey method in Ankara is therefore a good alternative for companies and executives. In addition, the geographic location of the political capital makes all major cities easily accessible. Please contact us for more informations.



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